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Eliminate Heat Gain in Your Middletown Home for Greater Comfort

Energy thieves may be causing your Middletown home cooling bills to be higher than they have to be. Whenever heat builds up inside your house, it causes your air conditioner to

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Your Seasonal Home Maintenance To-Do List: How Much Is Still Undone?

Many of us who live in this part of the country don’t look forward to seeing the first flakes of snow fly. But it’s a fact of life–winter brings snow

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Weatherizing Your Middletown-Area Home: A Guide to Caulk

Finding and sealing the air leaks in your home is arguably the easiest and most effective way you can ensure energy savings both during the winter heating months and during

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How Professional Energy Audits Position You For Real Savings

One of the best investments you can make in your home before winter descends is a professional energy audit. Licensed energy and HVAC professionals use specialized equipment that shows you

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Sealing Air Leaks Improves Whole-House Efficiency

When it comes to home energy costs, all homeowners want to get the most for their money. There are various ways to do this, from proper heat pump maintenance to

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Sealing Air Leaks — Caulking And Weatherstripping Tips

From frozen winters to scalding summers, homes in the northeastern portion of the United States are exposed to the full brunt of “Old Man Weather’s” wrath.

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Heating And Cooling Load Too Much For Your System To Handle? 5 Tips That Will Help

The amount of money you spend to heat and cool your home largely depends on your home’s heating and cooling load, along with the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. Reducing

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