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Great Home Energy-Saving Tips to Use This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to make improvements to your Middletown home, and if your utility costs seem to be getting higher and higher, reducing your energy usage can help

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Have You Scheduled Your Fall Furnace Maintenance?

With the heat of summer still here, you probably haven’t given any thought to your furnace. However, to maximize your winter comfort and keep your heating bills low, you’ll want

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Turn Up Your Thermostat Settings and Still Stay Comfortable All Summer

During the summer, keeping your Middletown home cool and comfortable can add up quickly on your monthly utility bills. By using the following tips, you can keep your thermostat settings

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Lifetime vs. Initial HVAC Costs Important to Factor When Replacing

If you haven’t shopped for a new air conditioner in a while, the purchase cost of a modern system may seem a little intimidating. That’s why comparing the lifetime vs.

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10 Houseplants that will Refresh the Air in Your Home

Houseplants are not just for looks or to satisfy your green thumb pursuits during cold, New York winters. By offering a health benefit to you and your family, they earn their

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Still Battling Winter Utility Bills? Heat Loss Could Be the Culprit

If you’ve already taken numerous energy-saving measures and your winter utility bills are still sky-high, the problem may be heat loss, robbing your home of conditioned air that’s escaping through some

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Enjoy Energy Savings, Increased Comfort with a Smart Thermostat

If you’re anything like most homeowners, you’re always looking at ways to save energy in your home without circumventing your comfort level. This is why we’re seeing such an influx

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Right-Sizing Your New Water Heater

With winter approaching the Hudson Valley, all homeowners should give some thought to whether their heating appliances will make it through another season. Proper sizing of a replacement water heater is

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Your Annual Furnace Service Call: What to Expect From the Tech

Winter is quickly advancing, but you may not have yet had your yearly fall furnace service call. If this is your first year experiencing one of these furnace tune-ups, you are

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The Filter in Your Air Conditioner: What Those MERV Numbers Mean

Increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner in your Middletown home is largely a matter of good maintenance. An annual tune-up goes a long way toward lowering your utility bills,

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