DIY HVAC Repairs: What Not to Do

DIY HVAC Repairs: What Not to DoIt can be extremely frustrating to have a heating or cooling system that doesn’t work. At these times, one of the thing you should not do is try to fix the equipment yourself (unless, of course, you are a licensed HVAC pro). Here are some things you shouldn’t do with DIY HVAC repairs.

Don’t Risk Safety

Furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners require substantial amounts of electrical power, and if you don’t know how to work around electricity, you could give yourself a severe shock, maybe a fatal one. Improperly installed electrical components could cause fires. Heating systems that use gas or other combustible fuel can catch fire or even explode if the gas lines or connections are damaged. If your HVAC system uses refrigerant, you could cause a health risk if you are exposed to that material.

Don’t Ruin System Performance

HVAC equipment can be very complex, especially newer models that have more electronic components than ever. If the components of the system are not properly installed, calibrated, and tested, the efficiency and performance of the equipment might suffer. A loss of efficiency and performance could drive your monthly heating or cooling bills up. It is also possible that you could have to pay for an HVAC pro to come and fix any problems or damage that might have been caused during an unsuccessful DIY repair.

Don’t Void Warranties

Many HVAC manufacturers make it a condition of the warranty that repairs and maintenance are performed by licensed HVAC professionals. If you try to fix your HVAC system yourself, and you are not an HVAC expert, you could void the warranty. This could leave you with malfunctioning or completely failed HVAC equipment that you cannot replace under the manufacturer’s terms.

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