How to Upgrade Your HVAC for Home Additions

How to Upgrade Your HVAC for Home AdditionsAre you planning on building an addition onto your home? It’s certainly an exciting prospect, but it’s also one with certain considerations to be made. A big one is how you’ll deal with the heating and cooling of this new area to ensure the best comfort level possible. Upgrading your HVAC is a common option, but is it the right one for your particular situation? To help you answer that, let’s take a look at the three options you have available to you.

Upgrading Your Current HVAC System

Depending on the size of your home’s new addition and other related factors, an upgrade to a brand new HVAC system may be your best option. This is a no-brainer if your current system is either old or not rated to handle your entire home once the needs of the addition are factored in.

Extending Your Current HVAC System

If your system is less than ten years old and has the capacity to handle the additional heating and cooling loads required by the new area of your home, then you might consider extending your current HVAC system. What you’ll need to do in this situation is extend the existing ductwork to cover the addition. Before choosing this option, you should have the ducts checked to be sure they’re sealed and insulated. And the use of a zoned system, along with its own thermostat, will help prevent the waste of energy.

Installing an Independent HVAC System

Your third and final option is the installation of an independent system to handle the addition. You may want to go with a traditional forced-air system, but you could also choose a ductless mini-split. If you go this route and find yourself having trouble deciding on which is best for your home, we recommend that you contact a professional contractor.

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