Main Boiler Problems

Main Boiler ProblemsA problem with your residential boiler can mean reduced or a complete loss of heat for your home. Boiler issues should be resolved by a qualified HVAC specialist to ensure safety and correct operation of the boiler. The following is a short list of some of the more common boiler problems you might encounter.

No hot water

If the boiler is not producing enough hot water to heat your home, the problem could be because of malfunctioning thermostat. Low water levels inside the boiler can also mean not enough hot water is being created to maintain home comfort. The lack of hot water can also be traced to broken internal diaphragms, malfunctioning motorized valves, or broken airlocks.

Water leaks

Leaks can occur because of broken or damaged internal components, such as a pressure valve or a pump seal. Bad pump seals will usually need to be replaced; pressure valve leaks may be because of high pressure inside the boiler. Leaks can also occur at damaged or worn out connections, in broken pipes, and in areas where pipes have not been correctly fitted.

Odd noises

Banging, whistling, or gurgling noises inside the boiler can be caused by low water pressure inside the boiler. A particular type of noise, called kettling, sounds like water boiling in a kettle on the kitchen stove. This usually means that water inside the boiler is too hot. Be particularly aware of strange noises inside the boiler because they can sometimes mean the boiler is about to fail permanently.

Pilot light problems

If the pilot light keeps going out, it may because of a malfunctioning thermocouple. Deposits of charred material on the pilot light valve could prevent enough gas from getting to the valve. Air drafts can also be responsible for literally blowing out the pilot light.

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