You Should Consider These Things About an HVAC Cover

You Should Consider These Things About an HVAC CoverThe outdoor side of your air conditioner sits exposed to the elements all year long, and no doubt, you’ve wondered if it needs any kind of protection. In general, the rugged metal housing that surrounds it is strong enough to protect it from most weather or falling debris. But there may be times when HVAC covers are a good idea. Here are some occasions that may occur:


In our region, where snow is pretty much a given, there might be times when it could adversely affect your air conditioner. The outdoor side contains a fan, and a condenser and compressor. The parts might be damaged if snow were to fall into the unit, and then freeze, melt and refreeze over an extended period. For an easy remedy, place a sturdy piece of plywood on top of the open area and anchor it down with tie-downs so it doesn’t blow off.

Hail and Falling Debris

Hail, falling limbs and flying debris could hit your air conditioner hard enough that damage to the inside parts could occur. A sturdy canvas tarp, securely tied down, might provide some protection, although a hard-sided structure would be better. If you’re handy, you might build a protective structure out of wood. You can also purchase commercially manufactured HVAC covers that will provide some protection.

Whichever type of cover you choose, be sure to take it off when the storm is over. A cover turns your A/C into a cozy nest for rodents, which can do greater damage than a storm or falling debris.

Ice Dams

Your unit may be located just under the roof line and in the path of melting ice dams. The melting snow could leak into your system and refreeze, causing damage, particularly if you have massive stalactites of ice. If you can’t address the situation by fixing the roof so this problem no longer occurs, you might consider moving the unit, or covering it with plywood as long as the ice is melting.

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