Troubleshooting a Thermostat That Isn’t Keeping Its Schedule

A programmable thermostat can help you heat and cool your Middletown home more efficiently, but what happens if it’s off schedule?A programmable thermostat can help you heat and cool your Middletown home more efficiently, but what happens if it’s off schedule? You might not need to replace it just yet. Instead, try troubleshooting to see if a minor problem is affecting its ability to work.

Check the Setting

This is the most basic step in troubleshooting your thermostat. Check the setting to make sure it’s on. Raise or lower the setting to see if your furnace or air conditioning comes on as it should.

Make Sure It’s Connected

Check the power to it to make sure it’s working. You might need to replace the batteries if it’s not coming on, or you might need to reset a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Keep in mind that you might also have a loose or damaged wire that’s interfering with your thermostat’s ability to work. After turning off power to the breaker box or fuse, replace the batteries or wiring for corrosion or loose wires that need to be tightened.

Check for Dirt

Debris, such as dirt or dust, can cause problems with your programmable thermostat, especially if it’s on the inside of it. You can clean it off using a soft brush and compressed air. Never use damp cloths to wipe it down, since this can get the electrical components wet.

Consider the Location

The location of your programmable thermostat can affect how it works. It won’t come on when it needs to if it’s near a sunny or drafty window, for example, since it’s not able to reliably read your indoor temperature. Consider moving it to a more suitable location away from windows and doors if needed.

Think About a Replacement

If you have a programmable thermostat that keeps giving you trouble, you might need to replace it. A brand new one placed in the right location should come on as scheduled.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “geralt/Pixabay”

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