Pet Owners Should Know These Affects on Plumbing

Pet Owners Should Know These Affects on PlumbingFew pet owners realize that there’s a direct link between taking good care of a four-legged friend and maintaining a home’s plumbing system. A pet can affect the plumbing and vice versa, so here are some need-to-know ways to keep both your pet(s) and your plumbing system healthy.

Always Strain the Drain at Bath Time

Pets can shed a considerable amount of hair when getting a bath, and all that fur can slow down your drains or cause a clog. You can prevent this by buying a correctly-sized drain strainer for the tub or sink where bathing takes place, and be sure to use it for each bath. With a strainer in place, it’s easy to collect shed hair and dispose of it safely.

Don’t Put Cat Litter Down the Drain

Even if your brand of cat litter advertises that it’s flushable, it’s not advisable to introduce this type of material into your drain lines because it may clump up and cause a toilet or sewer line blockage. It’s wiser to put soiled litter into a plastic bag and put it out with the trash.

Watch the Water Temperature and Pressure

If your water temperature is too high and the pressure fluctuates when a toilet is flushed, your pet can get scalded by hot water during a bath. An easy way to avoid harming and stressing your pet at bath time is lowering your water heater’s temperature setting to 120 degrees. To prevent unexpected pressure changes that result in a shock of hot water, consider having balancing valves put on your showerhead or sink faucet.

Always Have Drinking Water Available

When your pet’s water dish is empty, they’re likely to quench their thirst by drinking from the toilet, which can contain bacteria and/or hazardous chemicals. To keep your pet healthy and safe, put out multiple water bowls and fill them up with fresh water frequently, and keep your toilet lids down or the bathroom doors closed.

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