How Can a Humidifier Help During Wintertime?

How Can a Humidifier Help During Wintertime?Winter brings more than bitter, freezing winds and icy roads. The cold weather, along with your home’s heating system, reduces indoor humidity levels and leaves air uncomfortably dry. Adding humidifiers to your home can alleviate many problems associated with winter dryness. Here is more about the benefits of adding humidity.

Prevent Illness

Dry air can lead to sore, dry throats and nasal passages, which are left more susceptible to invasive germs. Low humidity also offers a hospitable environment for cold and flu viruses so they live longer. By adding a humidifier, you can bring your indoor humidity levels up to a healthier level between 30 to 50 percent and help prevent common winter illnesses by keeping your respiratory passages healthier and reducing viruses in the air.

Combat Dry Skin

Dry winter air pulls moisture from all surfaces and this includes your skin. Using moisturizing lotions can bring temporary relief, but balancing humidity in the home gets to the root of the issue. Humidifiers allow you to eliminate overly-dry air in the home and minimize the effects on the skin.

Enjoy a Cozier Home

One benefit you might not expect is that installing a whole-house unit can help you turn down the heat this winter. This is because a little extra humidity makes the home feel warmer. A whole-house humidifier works better for this purpose than using a small portable humidifier that can only humidify a small area.

Protect Wood Furnishings

Wood is especially prone to imbalances in humidity. It shrinks in dry weather and expands when humidity is high. Adding a humidifier to your home helps maintain safer humidity levels to protect wood furnishings, wood floors and other wood items.

Whole-House vs. Portable

Several things influence a home’s humidity, including the number of occupants, type of heating system and more. If most or all rooms in your home consistently feel too dry in winter, consider installing a whole-house humidifier instead of relying on a portable unit.

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