Home Remodeling: Protect Your HVAC System

Home Remodeling: Protect Your HVAC System | C.R. WolfeDo you have a big remodeling project coming up? Extensive planning goes into any remodeling project, but one area that can be forgotten is your HVAC system. Even when it’s not part of the remodel, it needs to be protected from the dust and grime that any remodeling project creates.

Dust is a problem for an HVAC system even under normal circumstances. Too much dust in the ductwork affects your indoor air quality. Dust in the mechanical parts of the HVAC system can also interfere with their performance.

Changes to the structure of your house can affect how air circulates. Your ductwork is laid out specifically with the design of your house in mind. If you change your home’s design, you may need to change the ductwork layout, too. Consulting with your HVAC professional will allow you to come up with a plan to reduce the dust that gets into your HVAC system and also pinpoint any areas in your remodeling plan that might create an HVAC problem.

What else can you do get your HVAC system through the remodel unscathed?

  1. Turn it off. If your HVAC system isn’t on, it won’t pull air and dust into the ducts and machinery. It isn’t always practical to turn your A/C or heater off during the remodel. However, if it’s an option, keep the system off.
  2. Cover the openings to the system. Your vents and air return are the main ways air gets into and out of your HVAC system. Using covers for the vents and a good filter for the air return will help minimize dust. However, if you’re using your system, only cover some vents and leave others open for air flow.
  3. Change the filter frequently. If the filter is being used because the system is on, change it as often as twice a month. Whether you use the system or not, change the filter when the remodel is done because some dust will have accumulated even when the system isn’t in use.

For more HVAC-related remodeling tips for your Middletown area home, contact C.R. Wolfe Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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