Things to Think About for Furnace Installation

Things to Think About for Furnace InstallationThe process of purchasing and installing a new furnace can be made smoother by taking into consideration some important factors ahead of time. Here are some of the things to think about prior to furnace installation to make sure you get the equipment you need and that it is installed to work safely and effectively.

  • Choose carefully — The number and types of furnaces available can seem overwhelming. You have to choose a brand, decide what type of fuel to use, and whether you want a high-efficiency model. Changing your mind after you’ve already bought and installed a furnace is not a good idea. This is where your HVAC services professional can help you with advice and recommendations, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • Size properly — Another area in which your HVAC professional will be able to help is equipment sizing. Sizing refers to the process of determining how much heating your home needs and then choosing a furnace with the functional capacity to produce that amount of heating. Your HVAC provider can conduct a load calculation on your home, a sophisticated process that evaluates your home’s physical and thermal characteristics to determine heating needs.
  • Provide ventilation — Furnaces that burn natural gas, fuel oil, or propane also produce harmful gases as a byproduct of combustion. The most common is carbon monoxide. Make sure your ventilation systems are sufficient to handle the exhaust produced by your new furnace. If you’re switching to a fuel-burning furnace, you’ll have to install ventilation pipes and chimneys to ensure dangerous gases are vented outdoors.
  • Clear the way — Make things easy on your installers by clearing the area where the furnace will be installed. Ensure a clear pathway for bringing in the furnace and that there are no obstacles or dangers in the area where the installers will be working.

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