Time for a New Furnace? Read these Tips Before You Buy

Time for a New Furnace? Read these Tips Before You BuyWhen shopping for a new furnace, you should know all the essential factors to consider to avoid making a wrong purchase. For instance, buying on price alone or the specifications of your old system can cause you to lose out on efficiency or degrade your indoor air quality, among other things. Use these tips to help you make the right purchase.

Fuel Source

You should consider the cost and availability of the fuel that runs the furnace. A gas furnace is powered by natural gas. It’s popular because of how economical it is. An oil furnace is usually preferred in places that lack gas lines like older homes. Its operational costs vary with oil prices. An electric furnace uses electricity to create heat. It can significantly drain your bank account.


You can tell a furnace’s efficiency from its AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. The AFUE rating measures how much of the fuel is converted into heat energy. For example, a furnace with 80 percent AFUE converts 80 percent of the energy you put into it to heat energy and wastes 20 percent. Buy a furnace with the highest possible AFUE that’s within your budget.


The correct size of your furnace shouldn’t be based on your current system because most old systems are too large, partly due to sizing methods that have improved significantly over time. An HVAC contractor should come to your home and perform load calculations to determine the ideal furnace size for you.

Variable-Speed Technology

A variable-speed furnace offers more comfort than a standard furnace. Its blower motor moves at varying speeds to precisely control the flow of air according to your heating needs. This results in better zoning, humidity control and energy efficiency.


The furnace you purchase should have a long warranty to protect you against unexpected expenses.

Remember, you’ll only get the full benefits of your new furnace if your home is well insulated and the new system is installed correctly. For more helpful tips, contact us at C.R. Wolfe Heating. We’ve been serving the Middletown area since 1945.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Middletown, New York about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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