Condensing Gas Furnaces: An Abbreviated Homeowner’s Guide

Next time you’re in the market for a new heating system for your Middletown home, consider a condensing furnace. Condensing gas furnaces are highly efficient systems with an annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE, of at least 90 percent. The AFUE indicates the percentage of fuel burned that is actually converted to heat.

It’s a combination of new technology and energy-saving components that makes a condensing furnace so safe and efficient.

  • Dual heat exchangers. Conventional furnaces have one heat exchanger. After the air is heated, the exhaust gases are vented outside. Condensing gas furnaces employ a secondary heat exchanger that recovers this exhaust and uses it to generate more heated air for the home, reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Sealed combustion chamber. Condensing gas furnaces don’t use household air for combustion, but rather the air intake is vented directly outside. This closed system won’t backdraft combustion gases into the home, considerably reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and making it a safer way to heat your home.

Other features available on a condensing gas furnace to further increase its energy efficiency include:

  • Variable-speed air handler. Conventional air handlers are either working at 100 percent capacity or they’re off. A variable-speed model adjusts the speed of the blower to meet the real-time heating needs of the home. During warmer temperatures, the blower sends air through the home at a slower speed but more continuous pace, providing better heat distribution and air filtration than a conventional furnace.
  • Modulating gas valve. This gas valve regulates the flow of fuel to the unit from 40 to 100 percent capacity. When less heat is needed for the home, the furnace uses less fuel to heat the air, considerably reducing the amount of fuel used and saving you money on energy costs.

For more expert advice about condensing gas furnaces, please feel free to contact us at C.R. Wolfe Heating & Air Conditioning, keeping greater Middletown homeowners comfortable for over 40 years.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Middletown, New York about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about Condensing Gas Furnaces and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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